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July 2013


¡Vamos!’s unique brand of party punk comes across as simultaneously old and new. There’s something vaguely retro about their bass guitar hooks and gang-vocal choruses, and they list the Animals, Otis Redding, and “everything British Invasion” amongst their influences. Theatre audiences who saw Hit The Wall at the Steppenwolf Garage last year will recognize these guys as the house band that, in addition to providing original underscore to the play, kicked the show off with raucous covers of songs by the likes of The Stooges and Sly Stone.

Despite having only been a band for about two years, ¡Vamos! are already staples of the DIY scene, as evidenced by their long list of upcoming house shows. In addition to playing parties more than traditional venues, all three members of the band reside in Logan Square DIY spots: guitarist Ryan Murphy and bassist Will Wood at Wally World, drummer Josh Lambert at Ottoman Empire.

After the session, we spent the rest of the evening with the band taking advantage of the Chicago summer the best way we knew how: with a grill, a handful of bottle rockets, and a couple shots of Malört.

¡Vamos! is

Josh Lambert
Drums, Vocals
Will Wood
Ryan Murphy
Guitar, Vocals

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