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July 2015

Strawberry Jacuzzi

Strawberry Jacuzzi play fun, melodic, summery pop music with punk rock undercurrents. The band was started as a side project by Shannon Candy and Nikita Word, but it has quickly become their primary focus. They are joined by Ross Tasch and Devon Press (of previous feature Kangaroo) on bass and drums.

Shannon and Nikita both play guitar, sing, and write, all with distinct stylistic differences. Shannon's vocals are sing-songy and melodic, and she often finds simple catchy lead guitar lines in the songs' chord progressions. Nikita's vocals more more often speak-sung or shouted, adding a contrasting bit of vitriol to Shannon's somewhat twee sound, and she plays with a more visceral rhythm guitar style. Both the tracks recorded for CSC venture away from the subject matter that largely dominated their debut record: lyrics about relationships and break-ups. Batman & Princess Leia in particular shows the band in rare form contrasting their upbeat pop sound with lyrics that are melancholy and deeply personal; in it, Shannon laments the loss of youthful dreams and aspirations through the compromises made in adulthood, though the song turns powerfully anthemic with gang vocals and a hook consisting of "we want more".

Those kinds of contrasts - pairing sweet with sour - are the band's greatest strength, more so than their pop sensibilities or the cleverness of their lyrics.

Strawberry Jacuzzi is

Shannon Candy
Guitar / Vocals
Nikita Word
Guitar / Vocals
Ross Tasch
Devon Press

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Video Interview

  • Engineer Jeff Kelley
  • Photographer Kerri Hacker
  • Director / Interviewer Iris Lin
  • Camera Operator Kelsie Hardison