Chicago Singles Club

March 2014

Psalm One

Psalm One is Chicago hip-hop royalty. Raised in Englewood, she honed her craft in central Illinois while studying Chemistry as an undergrad student, before returning to Chicago to continue her evolution into one of the city’s most fierce, honest, and deeply thoughtful emcees on the scene.

The songs making up this single were recorded with back up band Sexy Decoy (comprised of a full rhythm section, trumpet and sax) along with Psalm’s always vibrant hype-woman Fluffy. Recorded in Ravenswood’s Experimental Sound Studio, the session was a special cap to Chicago Singles Club’s first year. The songs retain an organic feel and depth not often present in today’s more produced hip-hop. The rhythm section of Martin Rodriguez, Nathan Hanak, Paul Goldman, and Kyle Crager provide a deep, natural, and intimate backdrop for Come Medicate and No Problems, allowing the subtleties of the live band to shine. The interplay between thumping basslines and polished live drums complements the soundscape created by ethereal guitar work and synth lines - all punctuated by the two-piece horn section of Kyle Miller and Jack Wilson.

After years of releasing material for Minneapolis-based label Rhymesayers Entertainment, Psalm has recently re-invented herself with a new album and new focus, and her rhymes are a clear indication of growth. Tied to Chicago’s youth and music through her work as a mentor and teacher, Psalm’s lyrics paint a picture of the challenges facing all of Chicago and its artists, while at the same time offering a glimmer of hope and putting out a call to do more, be more, and make more of the city.

Psalm One is

Cristalle Bowen (Psalm One / Hologram Kizzie)
Dorothy Claybourne (Fluffy)
Kyle Crager
Nathan Hanak
Martin Rodriguez
Paul Goldman
Kyle Miller
Jack Wilson

Exclusive CSC Single

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Video Interview

  • Engineer Jeff Kelley
  • Interviewer / Videographer Iris Lin
  • Producer / Editor Cassie Balynas
  • Photographer Kerri Hacker
  • Videographer Amy Earl Furrow
  • Production Assistant Kevin Claxton
  • Production Assistant Ron DeMay
  • Production Assistant Dylan Slack
  • Artwork The Gift of Broken Tracking Devices: Thinking with Our Hands