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December 2013

My Gold Mask

At its core, My Gold Mask has always revolved around the pairing of Gretta Rochelle’s expressive, genre-hopping vocals and Jack Armondo’s reverb-drenched guitar riffs. However, over the handful of years they’ve been together their sound has evolved radically around those two elements. Consider their early recordings as a duo, which were sparsely arranged minimalist takes on retro styles ranging from rockabilly-tinged stomps to moody psych and dark new wave. In contrast, their current sound has expanded greatly in both tone and structure, transcending their early influences and incorporating elements from a far wider range of styles.

Though they began as a two-piece, with Gretta drumming on a floor tom and playing tambourine while she sang, the relatively recent addition of percussionist James Andrew has opened up new possibilities for the band. James now provides the band’s beats through a combination of his part traditional, part electronic drumset, the latter half of which he also uses to trigger synth pads and basslines. The result is denser arrangements and more dynamic songs that are still anchored by the engaging songwriting that the band began with.

Of note is the unique approach Gretta and Jack take with their respective instruments. Gretta’s skills as a vocalist allow her to jump with ease from a low, sultry tone to an otherworldly pitch at the top of her range, with plenty of variation in between. Jack uses a variety of effects processors to enable his melodic playing to double as both guitar and bass parts, and imbues his splashy nylon-string with enormous tone.

Download the single we recorded with them at the CSC studios, watch the conversation we had with them at their practice space, and catch them live as soon as you get a chance!

My Gold Mask is

Gretta Rochelle
Vocals, Percussion
Jack Armondo
James Andrew
Drums, Samples

Exclusive CSC Single

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  • Engineer Jeff Kelley
  • Interview / Video Iris Lin
  • Video / Editing Cassie Balynas
  • Photo Kerri Hacker
  • Production Assistant Kevin Claxton
  • Production Assistant Dylan Slack