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January 2015

Meat Wave

Meat Wave plays in-your-face rock that is as dynamic as it is confrontational. Their sound is comparable to beloved Chicago bands whose heydays were in the 90s; their heavy drum and bass grooves have echoes of the Jesus Lizard, and the guitar's abrasive yet catchy riffs are reminiscent of Albini-fronted bands like Big Black or Shellac. The trio can kick out high-energy riff-fueled punk with the best of them as they do on NRA - the A-side they recorded with us - but they aren't afraid to stretch their legs and get weird. This is best evidenced on Dogs At Night, which begins with unsettling falsetto vocals over slow-burning drums and bass, explodes into a chorus, and then devolves into a lengthy instrumental riff-and-variations ending.

Chris Sutter fronts the band with vocals featuring lyrics that are full of surreal imagery and acerbic wit, as well a guitar style that flips between sections of dissonant riffs and consonant but driving chord progressions. Ryan Wizniak's heavy-hitting drumming is a major highlight; his fills on NRA are frenetic and remarkably precise, but he shows that he can lay back and hammer out textural grooves on Dogs At Night. Joe Gac's bass ostinati are the glue that holds everything together, and he provides the melodic variation in the low-end that keeps the songs constantly moving forward.

Download the tracks CSC recorded with Meat Wave here and be sure to check out their explosive live show that’s quickly becoming a favorite of the Chicago punk scene.

Meat Wave is

Chris Sutter
Vocals / Guitar
Joe Gac
Ryan Wizniak

Exclusive CSC Single

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Video Interview

  • Engineer Jeff Kelley
  • Production Manager Kevin Claxton
  • Photographer Kerri Hacker
  • Cinematographer / Interviewer Iris Lin
  • Director Cassie Balynas