Chicago Singles Club

December 2014

Me Jane

Me Jane's style is a little bit familiar, a little bit new -- the band's love for late 70s post-punk classics like Wire and Joy Division comes across clearly, but their forebears never overshadow their own unique sound. They're willing to experiment and turn their noses up at convention, but still have enough pop sensibilities to keep things interesting.

The quartet conjures up an impressive palette of sounds. On guitar, Katie Gallegos lets her unique melodic structures shine, with riffs that range from raw and aggressive to understated and contemplative. Her vocals slip between powerful choruses and sung-spoken verses, often in a call and response pattern with the rest of the band. Sarah Braunstein's drumming flips between visceral, tom-heavy tribal grooves and straightforward rock beats. Marites Velasquez isn't afraid to hang back and support Sarah's grooves with simple basslines, but when she steps into a more active role her lines are highly melodic and a perfect fuzzed-out counterpart to Katie's clean guitar tones. Rounding out their sound is Kyla Denham on keyboards, whose various synth timbres give their songs more nuanced vibes and textures.

The band shows off their versatility in the two tracks they recorded with us. Muchos Muchachos is a two-minute romp, packed with angular guitar riffs and fuzzy bass lines. Track two, Pamela, is a darker slow-burn that takes more space to breathe and more time to build up to the big choruses, with more of a focus on interweaving instrumental jams.

Me Jane is

Katie Gallegos
Guitar / Vocals
Marites Velasquez
Bass / Vocals
Sarah Braunstein
Drums / Vocals
Kyla Denham

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Video Interview

  • Engineer Jeff Kelley
  • Production Manager Kevin Claxton
  • Photographer Kerri Hacker
  • Cinematographer / Interviewer Iris Lin
  • Director Cassie Balynas