Chicago Singles Club

April 2013


With her virtuosic, soul-inspired vocals and the layered instrumentals emanating from her Wurlitzer and drum machine, Rachel Sarah Thomas of KSRA (formerly K. Serra) writes songs that burst with intensity. In performance, she stands behind an array of technology, building textures through looping pedals and delays. Despite the modernity of her setup, there is an undeniable classic pop quality to her songwriting.

The songs Rachel recorded at the CSC studio show off the range of her writing. Where Eng Bunker's dense arrangement is energetic and highly danceable, Juxtapose slows the tempo and strips down to just keyboard and voice. Both convey a sense of longing from different perspectives.

After she finished playing to a sold-out crowd at Schuba's, we interviewed Rachel outside of the venue. She talked to us about why she started playing with live-looping as a solo performer, her inspirations for her upcoming record, and her love for the Chicago music scene.


Rachel Sarah Thomas
Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion, Loops

Exclusive CSC Single

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  • Engineer Jeff Kelley
  • Video Artist Iris Lin
  • Assistant Engineer Kevin Claxton
  • Photos Kerri Hacker
  • Assistant Engineer Ron DeMay