Chicago Singles Club

October 2014


Kangaroo is a band of contrasts. They’re loud and noisy, but their songs are hyper-melodic and practically beg to be sung along to. They’re brain-pummeling rock and roll, but they tackle deeper subjects in their lyrics. They’re a punk band that has a nuanced view on religion and spirituality.

The quartet seemed to come out of nowhere last year, when lead singer and guitarist Devon Press moved to Chicago with an album’s worth of songs he had recently written while holed up in a friend’s summer home during the off season. He was joined by bassist Andy Dow, guitarist Ross Tasch, and drummer Joel Cornelius; the band was immediately embraced by Chicago’s punk and DIY scenes for obvious reasons. They slip between slow, dreamy sections and full-bore punk assaults when you least expect it. Their songwriting is infectiously melodic and they have boundless energy onstage. Their record has the blown-out lo-fi aesthetics of a bedroom project, but their live show is the spectacle of four musicians going all out while staying completely in sync with each other.

The single we recorded with the band includes both Takes So Long Without You, the first song Devon wrote for the project, and a more recent track, Aborigine. Check it out now!

Kangaroo is

Devon Press
Vocals / Guitar
Andy Dow
Ross Tasch
Joel Cornelius

Exclusive CSC Single

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Video Interview

  • Engineer Jeff Kelley
  • Production Manager Kevin Claxton
  • Photography Kerri Hacker
  • Videography / Editing Cassie Balynas
  • Videography / Interview Iris Lin
  • Production Assistant Jordan Morrell