Chicago Singles Club

March 2016

The Gold Web

Pop music is inescapable, and there's a clear dichotomy in Chicago's independent music circles: musicians who rail against the perceived inauthenticity and shortcomings of pop, and those who embrace the genre, evolve from it, and create fantastic art from it. While both attitudes have their place, the Gold Web takes the latter approach; they see pop's artificiality and put it front and center with invented identities, bizarre, intricate costumes, and wild stage theatrics. They take pop's sonic elements and amplify them until they're totally blown out, their weird synth leads melding with fuzzy electric guitars sketching out hyperactive melodies and bombastic post-psychedelic soundscapes.

The Gold Web’s songs are underpinned by massive basslines and pulsating drum grooves, making even their mellowest tracks danceable. Their main feature is the band’s exceptional grasp of melody - whether it’s expressed through vocal hooks, glammy guitar riffs, or keyboard countermelodies. The songs’ arrangements are dynamic and textured, supplemented by triggered samples, auxillary percussion, and shimmering synth pads. Their live shows are a multimedia affair, hinting at a created universe larger than they can show us in a thirty-minute set - these characters live in a world where the underground art party never stops.

The Gold Web is

Vocals / Guitar
Samples / Aux. Percussion
Synth / Bass

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Video Interview

  • Engineer Jeff Kelley
  • Assistant Engineer Kevin Claxton
  • Photography Kerri Hacker
  • Videography / Editing Kelsie Hardison
  • Videography / Interview Iris Lin