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June 2013


These guys absolutely revere rock and roll. Listening to their songs can seem like an unrestrained crash course through the history of independent rock music, with the driving energy of punk, psych-y jams, a hint of the metal end of the math rock spectrum in Kelly Johnson's frenetic guitar work, and a vocal style that can at times conjure up Sonic Youth-esque vibes or the slacker aesthetic of 90s indie rock.

Geronimo! puts out a metric ton of sound with just three members. They perform essentially as a power trio, substituting a Nord Electro for a bass guitar, which allows keyboardist Ben Grigg to contribute additional fuzzed out melodies with his right hand while holding down the low end of the spectrum with his left. The hard-hitting grooves from Matt Schwerin keep the trio tight and powering forward, even as the songs break apart into sonic chaos.

In contrast to their larger-than-life stage presence, Geronimo! are relatively quiet, down to earth, and humble. After their session, we sat down with them outside of the CSC studio and discussed the band’s origins, their DIY approach to making music, and how the city has influenced their sound.

Geronimo! is

Kelly Johnson
Guitar, Vocals
Ben Grigg
Matt Schwerin

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  • Engineer Jeff Kelley
  • Assistant Engineer Kevin Claxton
  • Photography Kerri Hacker
  • Video / Interview Iris Lin
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