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September 2015


The best way to sum up EGO these days might be the fact that they do whatever they feel like without regards to trends, convention, or genre. Their music incorporates elements from the deep history of rock, folk, funk, pop, and psychedelia -- it’s music that comes straight from three crate-digging jam-punk musicologists. They are massively prolific, expressed largely through their full-length tape-a-month series based on the Zodiac calendar, an incredibly ambitious undertaking that greatly informs their process of creation. Whereas many bands take months and years to refine, demo, tour on, and potentially overthink a set of songs, the self-imposed deadlines that come with the Zodiac series result in music that is uniquely unrestrained and unedited, coming straight from their collective consciousness. Rarely do they come off as simple genre exercises or unfocused jams, but rather as an experience of being as close to the creation process as is possible for an audience.

In addition to EGO’s already impressive creative output, they are also fixtures in the local music scene; between the three of them, they participate in running a local vinyl and tape label, two DIY performance spots, a tape store built on top of a bicycle, a studio, several other bands and projects, and I’d imagine they sleep and eat on occasion -- though I’m not sure where they find the time.

EGO is

Dan Rico
Vocals / Guitar / Bass
Magic Ian
Vocals / Guitar / Drums
Fumo Stromboli
Bass / Drums

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Video Interview

  • Engineer Jeff Kelley
  • Photographer Kerri Hacker
  • Director / Interviewer Iris Lin
  • Camera Operator Kelsie Hardison