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June 2015

Bleach Party

Bleach Party might be the most aptly named band in Chicago. The surf rock influence on their sound is not at all understated. Meg MacDuff's 60s pop melodies and tight vocal harmonies, drenched in slapback delay, are irresistably catchy. Bart Pappas' clean-toned guitar riffs that keep a steady counterpoint to Meg's vocals would fit right in on the soundtrack of a beach party film -- albeit a rather intense one. Bassist Richard Giraldi adopts the arpeggiating, groove-oriented basslines of the genre, often doubled by Meg's fuzzy guitar lines, while drummer Kaylee Preston holds down familiar driving beats and hits fills with punk-rock abandon. There is a dark, morbid quality to their sound and lyrics, echoing the dead-teenager themes and supernatural vibes of 1950s "death rock". Of course, this being 2015, the quartet brings a modern fuzzy garage rock energy while remaining unironically reverant of their 60-year-old influences.

The members of the band have all been active contributors to the Chicago independent music scene in various capacities for years; Meg was the vocalist in Velocicopter, Richard is the founder of the beloved Loud Loop Press and played in noise-rock trio Rodeo, Kaylee drums in Rabble Rabble, and Bart is a recording engineer.

Bleach Party's fuzzed-out modern death-surf tracks are just what you need to kick off your summer!

Bleach Party is

Meg MacDuff
Vocals / Guitar
Richard Giraldi
Bart Pappas
Kaylee Preston

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Video Interview

  • Engineer Jeff Kelley
  • Production Manager Kevin Claxton
  • Photographer Kerri Hacker
  • Director / Interviewer Iris Lin
  • 1st Camera Operator Kelsie Hardison
  • Camera Operator Alex Palma
  • Camera Operator Tomi Vranjes