Chicago Singles Club

April 2014

Absolutely Not

Absolutely Not play a nebulous blend of glam, garage, and punk that gives you just what you need and not a second more: two minutes full of hyperactive riffs, infectious melodies, and dance-inspired beats that are over as soon as they start. Their music calls back to the 70s protopunk scene that was brash, eclectic, and unruly, and the trio isn’t afraid to keep their sound changing from record to record. While earlier releases sounded like a T. Rex record on Adderall, the songs recorded for CSC are more on the punk end of the Abs Not spectrum -- something along the lines of a spazzier Coachwhips. Absolutely Not plays it fast, makes it fun, and doesn’t take themselves too seriously - though the lighthearted music occasionally belies darker lyrical content.

The band is fronted by guitarist Donnie Moore, whose repetitive vocal hooks and gang-vocal choruses will drive their way into your brain and won’t leave until long after the songs are over. Donnie’s sister Madison plays keyboards with a massively bassy organ tone and contributes backing vocals, while Jenna Horwath keeps the trio tight and driving forward with her dance-rock drum grooves.

Absolutely Not is

Donnie Moore
Guitar, Vocals
Madison Moore
Keyboards, Vocals
Jenna Horwath
Drums, Vocals

Exclusive CSC Single

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Video Interview

  • Engineer Jeff Kelley
  • Assistant Kevin Claxton
  • Videography / Interview Iris Lin
  • Photography Kerri Hacker
  • Videography / Editing Cassie Balynas